Mon & Associates

As your representative, our ability to manage the variety of business issues and quantify the problems and timeline in a project is uncanny.  Our primary role is to provide oversight and coordination of your project from your perspective to ensure that the project is delivered on schedule, on a budget, with the highest quality possible. We represent your interest in interacting with third parties allowing you to concentrate on the big issues and your business. 

We can work with your team already in place or we can draw upon our network and assemble a team qualified for the successful completion your project.  We worked with a wide range of clients including residential, commercial, and industrial, including but not limited to boutiques, banks, cafes, retail stores, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers, and healthcare facilities. The following is a sample of tasks we’ve performed in this area:

  • Turn key operation
  • Organize, chair and represent owner at project meetings
  • Provide advice that helps facilitate resolutions