Businesses must interface with multiple governmental agencies at the federal, state, city, and local level including all its sub-departments. Unless you have unlimited resources devoted to pursuing issues that arise, you will be taking precious time away from your business.  

We are attuned to the needs of governmental bureaucracies which is crucial for obtaining licensing, permits, and resolving various violations arising from business operations. We save you time, frustration, and money by not having to learn, navigate through the complex processes of each governmental agency yourself. The invaluable resources we provide allow us to resolve these issues on your behalf on an expeditious manner. 

We have built a reputation based on exceptional service in this area. Our expertise in the governmental process extends well beyond handling the full facet of licensing and permitting. We offer a range of supporting services that can effectively assist your operations, these include

  • Zoning Permits, Appeals, Variances, Lot Divisions, Lot Consolidations
  • Building Permits, Relevant Pre-approvals, Appeals, Variances
  • Historical Commission, Art Commission
  • Pre-approvals from Streets Department, Highway, Parking Authority
  • Pre-approvals from City Planning, Water Department
  • Licensing Issues, Licensing Evaluation
  • Health Department Issues, including drafting HACCP plans, SSOP plans, food safety tracking systems, operational flowcharts.
  • Department of Revenue, Board of Tax Adjustments
  • Violation Resolution-all agencies
  • Meeting with local civic associations

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